Shanghai InsMark Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is situated in Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park, started from September, 2010.
  is a brand new name with over 40 years R & D history.   Sponsored by a venture capital fund, the company obtained a few product development platforms as technical storages before it starts, as well as absorbed quite a few professional talents from both local industry and overseas.
Different from any local Chinese instrument manufacturer, it focuses on developing high quality product with best price-performance ratio, to fulfill domestic customers’ application requirements, as well as oversea users.
With advanced instrument development technology, resources and design platform, InsMark has launched 4 series of product lines: IR100 series Benchtop and IR200 series Handheld Refractometers; IP series Automatic Polarimeter;as well as IS100 series pH meter. Please see the detail product information in the enclosed brochures. 
, the vision of becoming the landmark of Chinese made scientific instrument, will always focus on product quality, service and application solutions.
, the sprits of ‘Passion, Execution and Profession’, will never stop pursuing high quality product with reasonable lowest cost. Our mission is to achieve best price-performance ratio, provide professional service to our customers. We also look for business opportunities such as distributing our products overseas, product development for overseas partners, or OEM etc.
Welcome to visit our website: If you have any enquiries, please contact us at: 086- 21-37761008 or send email
Thank you very much.


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